About us

About Arrowave

Arrowave is an international telecommunication equipment provider headquartered in Bangalore, India with a global sales office at Singapore, and distribution presence in Dubai, UAE.

Overall with the growing need for higher speeds and faster connectivity, our products are innovatively designed to deliver high-speed data, voice and multimedia services. In the clogged radio frequency space, our products support operators to better their services in both licensed and unlicensed frequency bands. Our wireless systems use advanced radio technology and have the ability to deliver true broadband speeds, excellent area coverage and capacity, high security and resistance to fading.

To meet the connectivity requirements of a wide variety of applications, we offer a comprehensive range of broadband and wireless related products and solutions. To build robust telecommunication products, the key lies in constant improvisation and reinvention. To address these high-end technological requirements – we have a perfect blend of in-house skills to address the Wi-Fi, PoE Switch and GPS technologies. Further we have the ability to develop industry-leading products by combining these technologies to deliver new and advanced solutions.

At Arrowave, we single-mindedly work towards educating, executing and rapidly deploying our products in order take complete advantage of our products. Our goal has been to providing an attractive alternative to wired networks through pioneering technologies and constant innovation by upgrading ourselves in order to bridge connectivity gaps and assure improved end-user experience – all at a cost effective price index.