Project Management

In order to set up an elaborate wireless broadband network, it requires specific Telecom Project management skills. To ensure that the job in progress transitions from one stage to another requires meticulous planning in terms of Operations and Execution.

We ensure that our telecom project management brings focus which is shaped by the goals, resources and schedule of each project. Our team of experts start with the opportunity analysis following which the project is defined, documented and set up. This is followed by design and procurement which requires a high level of precision and monitoring. This is followed by a methodical development, implementation, and system testing in a manner in which the whole process is optimized and commissioned.

While handling a telecom project a significant part of the planning goes into the Operations. We ensure that we draw a proper Project Scheduling along with Task Dependencies. Also part of the project management includes Resource Planning and Management based on the Project budget. Further a systematic time tracking system is put in place.

Overall, ArroWave’s niche is in the broadband wireless sector and we look at applying our knowledge, skills, tools and techniques across the range of activities in order to meet project requirements.

System Integration

Arrowave has the expertise to undertake the complete system integration process. To set up a complete network it involves a step-by-step process.

RF Survey/ Planning

It all starts from a thorough RF Survey and planning which includes right from the collection of data from the site to the installing the appropriate equipment for the site. The team ensures and determines the coverage region of Cell Site and takes decisions on links and connectivity to other networks. During this survey we also support in troubleshooting and finding out the problems that can evolve over a period of time.

LAN Cabling

As a full-service provider Arrowave takes care of the whole gamut of cabling requirements. With a proper mapping and using schematics and diagrams we plan and design the LAN Cabling that can support all devices which have been predefined in the scope of setting up a broadband wireless network.

Product Training

At Arrowave, we strongly believe just selling our products is not the end. We dispense product training both in-house and onsite.

Through this program we give them hands on training about the key features and benefits, create demonstration opportunities and techniques. We also give tips on how to exploit the product to the maximum and also educate them on the technology behind it.